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Icon concept for a future version of OS X


Icon concept for a future version of OS X

The OS X Mavericks system presented almost a year ago does not enjoy a good reputation among users. Despite the recent, large update that the platform has received, numerous bugs and software flaws are still a cause for dissatisfaction.

In a few months, however, we will see another version of the desktop software, which, according to many rumors, was to have the code name Syrah and a completely refreshed interface in the first test phase. It is speculated that the upcoming OS X will unify with the mobile platform, taking over almost entirely the visual side from it.

For now, however, you can enjoy the concepts that appear online like mushrooms after rain. This time, another project has come to light, presenting the visualization of the icons of the three applications included in the Apple desktop system.

I am talking about iTunes, Mac App Store and Safari. The author of the idea is Jonathan Burgon, who believes that future icons will have an animated progress bar. The solution would be to visualize the processes taking place in a specific application. The status of the icon bar would therefore change depending on the progress of the downloaded file, or in the case of the music player of the song being played.
I must admit that such an idea is quite interesting, although it is a development of an already existing solution, available for example in the Launchpad icon.

Source: Jonathan Burgon