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IFA 2019: Samsung Electronics Celebrates Five Decades of Contributing to the Future


IFA 2019: Samsung Electronics Celebrates Five Decades of Contributing to the Future

Samsung held a press conference at IFA 2019 and showcased the company’s vision, focused on innovation, connectivity and the future.

To mark its 50th anniversary, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., held a press conference at IFA 2019 and showcased the company’s vision, focused on innovation, connectivity and the future. In this regard, it is committed to: democratizing the QLED 8K technology through the introduction of a full range of QLED 8K TVs; innovate in the home appliance market with its BESPOKE line of customizable refrigerators; and further expand its 5G devices with the launch of the new Galaxy A90 5G and Galaxy Fold 5G. These new offerings, and many others, reinforce Samsung’s continued ambition to enhance its portfolio with innovative and disruptive products and services, designed for the future.

“Since launching its first black and white TV nearly 50 years ago, we’ve introduced innovative technologies into our consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile equipment,” said Benjamin Braun, Marketing Director and Vice President, Samsung Europe.

New 55” QLED 8K Television Enhances Full Range of TVs

Since the launch of Samsung’s QLED 8K TV last year, total QLED TV sales have increased by 200%. This rapid acquisition of QLED TVs resulted in more than two million units sold worldwide in the first half of this year, reinforcing the idea that consumers are looking for large-screen, high-quality TVs. To further enhance this range of products, the QLED 8K 55” thus joins the existing family of QLED Samsung: the 65, 75, 82 and 85 inch versions.

This 55” 8K QLED will be available in September globally. With this launch, Samsung is once again responding to consumer needs by adapting its offer to various home environments. The new 55” version will offer the same benefits of the QLED 8K TV range, including unrivaled image quality, stunning depth and detail, 100% color volume reproduction and innovative AI technology. Whether the consumer is watching content through a streaming service, HDMI, USB or even mobile mirroring, the Quantum Processor 8K recognizes and improves low-resolution content to 8K quality.

BESPOKE Appliances: ideal for those with a modern lifestyle

As the line between furniture and appliances increasingly fades, Samsung continues to invest in customizable solutions for the home, in order to respond to the current needs of its consumers.

To respond to this same purpose, Samsung’s BESPOKE refrigerators are arriving in Europe. Designed as modular units, these refrigerators fit in a wide range of spaces, with a wide range of options available and one- or four-door designs.

For consumers who want even more for their kitchens, Samsung today launches its new multifunction oven Dual Cook Steam. The oven has a modern design that offers excellent flexibility and multiple cooking abilities. This oven is vertically aligned and incorporates textured surfaces with a new user interface that adds a new level of design integration. And with its Dual Cook Steam technology, the oven can simultaneously cook convection in one compartment and steam in the other.

Making a global impact beyond our everyday lives, Samsung’s kitchen innovations have already helped to reduce the level of waste currently produced at home. The company took another step at IFA 2019, announcing its partnership with Whisk, a cognitive digital platform for “smart food”. By integrating with Samsung home appliances such as the smart shopping list for Family Hub refrigerators, Samsung and Whisk aim to provide a more pleasant and environmentally responsible dining experience for the whole family.

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As today’s homes become more compact and more people live in urban areas, Samsung is focused on offering products that suit everyone’s lifestyle. The AirDresser, which resembles a wardrobe or an upright mirror, is a device for refreshing clothes. In addition, Samsung launches the Air Purifier AX9500, the world’s first Wind-Free purification system. Its modular design ensures it can fit in a wide variety of homes and, with a three-layer filtration system, it reduces the presence of harmful gases, dust and allergens in the air.

With the new POWERstick Jet cordless vacuum cleaner, consumers can experience the industry-leading 200W suction capacity. With its 5-layer HEPA filtration system and one-hour battery life, it can capture 99.999% of dust particles and allergens, preventing them from returning to the air through vacuum.

New Galaxy A90 5G: Samsung Expands Its Galaxy Ecosystem With 5G

Since launching the Galaxy S10 5G earlier this year, Samsung has been working with its global partner network to bring 5G mobile connectivity to everyone.

Now Samsung has just beefed up its 5G smartphone range with the launch of the new Galaxy A90 5G, which will be available in Europe in October. With the Galaxy A90 5G, users can quickly download high-quality content and share live videos, immerse themselves in a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-U screen with FHD+ resolution and benefit from a 4,500mAh battery and camera of 48MP. The Galaxy A90 5G is the ideal device for content creation fans.

Samsung also confirms that the Galaxy Fold will be available in Cosmos Black and Space Silver colors from September 18, 2019, in countries such as France, Germany, Singapore and the UK, followed by the US. A 5G option will also be available in some specific markets, providing consumers with the latest network connectivity technology to enhance the experience of this new equipment.

Committed to providing consumers with a new user experience, without compromising its quality or size, Samsung also introduced new devices to the market this summer.

With their enhanced capacity and performance, the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ allow users to unleash the creative spirit on the go. The new Galaxy Tab S6 includes the S Pen and is the first tablet in the world to include a dual camera with Ultra Wide Lens and a 10.5-inch super AMOLED screen. Created for high-performance users who don’t want to feel the weight of a laptop, the Galaxy Book S combines the mobility and connectivity of a smartphone with the powerful productivity of a PC. Finally, on September 6th, Samsung will launch the new Galaxy Watch Active2.

Since 2017, Samsung has been showing its most innovative technologies at Samsung Town, an original design space, which exposes its complete range of products to visitors, so that they can experience what Connected Living is. This year, Samsung took a new approach to creating spaces for all types of consumers, from home-based professionals, influencers, honeymooners and more. Samsung Town will also demonstrate how life becomes simpler with Samsung Bots.