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Intelliad uses onsite data for its bid management


Intelliad uses onsite data for its bid management

Search engine marketing (SEA) managers should not only optimize their keywords for the usual metrics such as CPO and CPC, but also include the bounce rate and length of stay in the analysis. Because these two key figures have a significant influence on the conversion rate and shopping cart value.

Based on an analysis of six customer campaigns over several months, this influence has now been quantified by the multichannel tracking provider Intelliad Media GmbH. Accordingly, the average shopping cart value increases by around five percentage points if the bounce rate can be reduced by ten percentage points. And with every additional minute that the user is kept on the page, the conversion rate increases by around six percent.

Include data in campaign optimization

Even if these values ​​vary from shop to shop and the different causes for a high bounce rate cannot be neglected, the analysis demonstrates the fundamental influence of on-site data on campaign performance. IntelliAd emphasizes that the challenge now is to include this data directly in the campaign optimization. However, that is not trivial. The bounce rate and the length of stay of the user would be recorded by Google Analytics, but there is currently no allocation of Adwords-specific key figures such as CPC and quality factor at keyword level.

This transfer is now possible with the Intelliad bid management system. CTO Tobias Kiessling explains: “We see ourselves as a platform for tracking and 360-degree optimization of all online marketing activities. With the integration of on-site data into our tracking system, we have come one step closer to this goal. We can assign the bounce rate and length of stay to each keyword and thus make predictions about the performance of keywords even faster. Intelliad is the only provider in Germany that processes onsite data directly in bid management.