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iPad that controls your home

iPad that controls your home

Smart home has recently become quite a fashionable topic, which various companies from the electronics industry are trying to take up. They create more and more sophisticated systems designed to easily manage a private apartment or office. Apple is also supposed to work on such a solution, and perhaps soon we will witness the birth of a product in the content of numerous rumors called iHome.

As usual, however, such reports should be watched with a pinch of salt, because the fact that Apple has probably started working on the above-mentioned issue does not mean that the whole thing will be crowned with the final product that will go to the consumer offer.

It is true, however, that the subject of smart home is maturing and is sometimes an inspiration also for these smaller companies. This is evidenced by a project called Eve that recently saw the light of day. The creation created by the Belgians from Basalte is nothing more than a specially profiled frame attached to the wall of the apartment, and intended as a holder for an apple tablet. The frame, however, also has some other, hidden purpose, which, however, will be discussed in a moment.

The Belgian product is permanently attached to the plane and connected to the power supply, thanks to which it will also serve as a? charger for iPad. The construction was made of high-quality materials, which is what the gadget’s creators inform about at every step, promoting it as a “perfect frame”. A certain version of it is also offered in the Security version, which protects the equipment from being pulled out of the holder or damaged. On his own, however, it will be difficult for him to fall out of the frame, thanks to the supporting threshold and strong magnets built into it.

Finally, an added function. In the future, the frame is to be successfully used as an element of the system for the home automation control mentioned in the introduction. Combined with the iPad and the increasingly popular software for the iOS platform, clunky touch panels that are currently on the market.

It’s worth watching the video below:

Source: Smart House