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IPhone 6 concept in the next video

IPhone 6 concept in the next video

There is still some time until September, so you need to be patient to learn the details of the construction of the next version of the iPhone. Meanwhile, technology portals are bursting with reports, alleged leaks and further attempts to graphically present the future device from Cupertino.

In the last week, there were at least a few cases of publications related to the concepts of the successor of the iPhone 5S on the Internet, about which we also wrote on the pages of this website. Time for another visualization that was included in the resources of YouTube on the Tech1Tv channel.


A short video material presents a smartphone, which visually does not differ from what Internet users have already managed to get acquainted with at the turn of the last few days. A slim and thinner casing, a larger 4.7-inch display and the lack of side frames around the screen are the features of the design we have already dealt with many times. According to the authors, however, the next version of the iPhone will have a touch Home button, completely devoid of mechanical elements responsible for its jump, as well as a completely rebuilt iSight camera, which is to be characterized by as much as 12 Mpx resolution.

Source: Tech1Tv