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iPhone 6, or maybe a phablet from Apple?

iPhone 6, or maybe a phablet from Apple?

The technological world is looking forward to the next version of the smartphone from Apple, as evidenced by the more and more concepts of this device appearing on the web and rumors related to it. The successor of the iPhone 5S should be equipped with a completely new design, if you follow the trends from previous years, which also fuels the enthusiasm of the multitude of graphic designers.

At the turn of the last few months, a multitude of visualizations of the upcoming device have appeared, and their group has recently been joined by another project, initiated by the ConceptsiPhone website. The iPhone 6 presented in the video, however, has little chance, in my opinion, of materializing in reality.

The gadget equipped with a 5.5-inch screen seems to be an idea far from this year’s realities that we will encounter. The project is closer to rumors related to the alleged phablet from Apple, although the debut of this device is also unlikely. Nevertheless, the presented equipment looks very attractive, and the design, in a reduced version, of course, could actually be on the drawing boards of the Cupertino designers.

Source: AppAdvice