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iPhone 6C, however, next year?

iPhone 6C, however, next year?

It’s hard to keep up with the speculation that this year concerns two allegedly upcoming devices from Apple. A larger iPad model and a cheaper version of the iPhone are often the subject of rumors published on industry websites. The content of these reports, however, changes from minute to minute, bringing new and often contradictory facts..

This time, a report published by DigiTimes suggests that the iPhone 6C will not be available on the market until 2016. The cheaper version of the apple smartphone, according to the latest information, was to debut with the advent of the successor to the current version of the handset. It was supposed to be a device equipped with a 4-inch screen, dedicated to people who would like to freely use it with one hand.

As the editors of the website inform, the idea for a cheaper device was abandoned in March this year, and the plans for its introduction to the market were postponed to next year, in its second quarter to be exact. The smartphone would be equipped with a chip made in FinFET technology, and its supplier will be TSMC and Samsung.

Source: DigiTimes