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iPhone 7 subject of the concept

iPhone 7 subject of the concept

This year, Apple served its users with a curvy and slightly larger than before design of the smartphone, offered in two dimensions. The device experiences more and more bold changes with each subsequent model, although the characteristics of this equipment, or if you write otherwise, its identity remain. Thanks to specific frames around the screen or the Home button, it is immediately clear that we are dealing with a product of a specific brand.

A little differently, however, the topic of future iPhone models was approached by a certain Jimmy Benson, presenting the design of the smartphone that significantly exceeded the standards imposed by the Apple design office.

A device with angular housing finishes and a redesigned Home button, although an interesting idea, lost the apple spirit somewhere.

In my eyes, the presented iPhone 7 concept structurally imitates Samsung’s products, but this is my private opinion.

The entire photo gallery can be viewed on the author’s personal profile on Flickr.

Source: Flickr