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iPhone 7 worth waiting for

iPhone 7 worth waiting for

See the concept of the new iPhone 7 smartphone with the Home button on the screen.

Given the huge success of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, Apple will have to learn lessons if it hopes to increase sales with the oil version of the iPhone. Although, for sure, faithful fans of the Apple brand will stand in the queue anyway.

The iPhone 7 concept below is a project created by Martin Hajka. I must admit that it makes an impression and looks like a worthy successor to the sixes.

In the imagination of the next generation of the iPhone, the smartphone is ultra-thin, according to the rumors circulating it will have dual camera lenses, but the most stunning feature proposed in the iPhone 7 Hajka is the design of the touch Home button built into the screen. Another feature is the glowing Apple logo on the back cover, because we like “glitter” …

You will admit that the visualization looks very good, and the idea with the Home button would allow you to offer even more space without having to enlarge the physical dimensions of the device itself.

See the iPhone 7 concept in the video

However, it is unlikely that we will see such a drastic change in the appearance of the next iPhone this year. If Apple follows the adopted strategy from previous years, then this fall we will see an iPhone; and 6s and 6s Plus with better technical parameters.

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