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Is BioWare working on Knights of the Old Republic 3?

Is BioWare working on Knights of the Old Republic 3?

Let me know! Let me know if you guys are as neurotic as I am when it comes to my favorite series. A little secret; If I’m a fan of something, I immerse myself completely in it! I read the books, I watch the movies, I play the games and consume absolutely anything I can get my hands on. Star Wars, Dragon Age, Halo, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, these are series I absolutely love. The nice thing is that I can alternate between my different loves. When a new Dragon Age game comes out, I can get back to work with the books, the games and everything around it. Only very occasionally, now and then, my hobbies collide in a terrible way. They come together and I fantasize about a combination of the two. When I spent 40 hours wandering around the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition last week, the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens appeared. And since then I can’t play Dragon Age without dreaming about a new Star Wars game from BioWare.

Old and new

First I get the elephant out of the room. I also disagree with all of Disney’s decisions. Removing Tiny Death Star from the app store was heartless, not completely finishing The Clone Wars animated series is unfair to the fans and I also find it hard to swallow Lucasart’s game studios. Yet Disney is very good at one thing and that is making movies. Say what you will, but the films surrounding the Avengers are not only deep, exciting and spectacular, they are also extremely faithful to the comics and therefore respectful towards the fans. The teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens also shows that respect for the fans perfectly. Because although there are of course special effects to see, the new trailer really feels like an old-fashioned Star Wars movie. Not too slick, nice and dark and far from Mickey Mouse and his friends. Add to that the fact that JJ Abrams is a much better director than George Lucas and my heart is beating a few times more per minute since seeing that one trailer.

Back to Dragon Age: Inquisition, because that’s where I experience my daily adventures. Many comparisons have already been made. The game is reminiscent of Dragon Age: Origins, the game is certainly reminiscent of Mass Effect 3, but since seeing that trailer, that game actually only reminds of Knights of the Old Republic. That started as a crazy fantasy, but basically that game really resembles the best BioWare game ever made!

immeasurable hope

Will BioWare see that too? EA has agreements with Disney about making Star Wars: Battlefront and The Old Republic, BioWare’s somewhat disappointing MMO, is also still supported (there’s even a new expansion coming next week). Will it be possible that BioWare is working on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Rebublic 3?

Hope grows in me every day. The combat from Inquisition is easy to imagine with lightsabers. The game’s wooded areas are reminiscent of Yavin 4, and sometimes you just hope an Ewok storms out of the bushes. The desert areas can be used for Tatooine and it is also super interesting to introduce your party members with laser swords and pistols. Instead of your Inquisition, it’s easy to imagine what it’s like to run your own Jedi Order, or maybe you’ll build a new Sith Empire!

Thanks Disney! Thanks to you I can no longer play Dragon Age: Inquisition without fantasizing about a Knights of the Old Republic 3 in the exact same style. Something the game doesn’t really deserve, because Dragon Age stands alone, it’s good enough and you’ll be entertained for dozens of hours without thinking about The Force. But hey, the Midichlorians get where they can’t go sometimes and just maybe, if we all hope, EA will announce Knights of the Old Republic 3 soon. May the Force be with you…