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Is Rocksteady ready to unveil his next game?

Is Rocksteady ready to unveil his next game?

Based on job postings on Rocksteady’s website, the studio is looking for specialists for a marketing campaign related to its new game.

There has been a lot of silence lately about the Arkham Games clerk Rocksteady Games around his house. The studio’s last development, Batman: Arkham Knight, is four years old this year, and almost nothing has been known about the London project’s next project ever since. For a while, rumors circulated about them that Superman’s adventures would be processed after Batman, but these rumors were refuted by the studio’s own co-founder, Sefton Hill, last December. But then what’s going on in London?

We may be able to get an answer to this question soon, as Rocksteady appears to be looking for people, suspiciously from marketing. Based on their job postings, they also need a leading brand artist as well as an artist who makes promotional videos. Unfortunately, none of the ads mention a specific project, but based on the job description, they are looking for people to promote a global, high-budget, AAA-rated production.

It’s an unofficial announcement, of course, so it’s worth dealing with reservations, but based on the job postings, it wouldn’t be surprising if Rocksteady were to introduce its latest game soon.