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It was supposed to be a colossus, but it won’t be

It was supposed to be a colossus, but it won’t be

The first mention of a larger iPad in the future to completely replace the 11-inch Macbook Air appeared less than a year ago. Since then, quite a lot has happened around this device.

Among other things, there were reports that Apple would first place an order for the production of 12.9-inch screens, and then start the mass production process of this product. However, as the website informs DigiTimes the venture was interrupted and postponed by Apple until an undefined time in the future. The reason for such a decision is allegedly the difficulties faced by Asian factories regarding unspecified restrictions. Another reason is also the lack of support for this type of device on the market. It is also unknown whether the suspended project related to the iPad Pro is just a temporary indisposition, or whether Apple has decided to completely abandon this idea.

A device of this type certainly does not yet have a clearly defined position on the market. A touch-sensitive, large tablet is still not able to worthily replace a computer that is more convenient at work. The iOS software and the habits of users who feel more confident while working with a physical keyboard and greater laptop capabilities are still quite a limitation.

Source: MacRumors