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It’s time to close your Yahoo Mail account

It’s time to close your Yahoo Mail account

While the soap opera of the sale to Verizon, including a price reduction, continues its course, the guys at Yahoo are still a focus of news when it comes to hacker attacks, account thefts and so on. Throughout 2016, the company has acknowledged that in the past, it suffered the theft of data on the one hand of more than 1,000 million accounts and on the other hand of 500 million, something that seriously staggered the sale to Verizon. But also it was confirmed that he had collaborated with the NSA to offer free access to all the accounts of its users. Do not go yet, there’s more.

Marisa Meyer, CEO of YAhoo

Yahoo has confirmed that more than 32 million accounts were affected by another attack, which the company has not been able to place in time, an attack that confirms that Yahoo’s security engineers did not finish the race, since in order to access the accounts they did not need the passwords, but only made use of the same software that Yahoo uses to create cookies, to create fraudulent cookies and to mislead the system simply with the username.

Again Yahoo has not directly reported on this new attackInstead, it has kept its mouth shut until the rumors have begun to be published and the press has contacted the company, which offered little detailed information and little information that could explain the latest security problem that has occurred. the company suffered in recent years.

It is very likely that this is not the last scandal surrounding the company. once the sales process to Verizon has been completed. Verizon does not want to have any problems in the future and changed some parts of the agreement so that the company would take care of the possible sanctions that it could receive from the American authorities that are investigating these attacks combined with the negligence of the company in matters of security.