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Jabra Elite 45h review – compact on-ear headphones with great sound and long life on a single charge!

Jabra Elite 45h review – compact on-ear headphones with great sound and long life on a single charge!

J.abra Elite 45h, or headphones that bring a breath of fresh air to the on-ear headphones market. Relatively small, light and withstanding over 50 hours of listening to music. They have been in my hands for over a month, so I’ve already got to know them a bit. Whether it was a friendship or the opposite – you will find out in the following review!

Contents of the package

As in all other Jabra products, the product arrives or comes to us on its own feet, packed in a packaging recognizable for the manufacturer. It is a combination of yellow and gray colors, which cannot be confused with any other competition. The small package contains information about the product inside. Inside, apart from our main course, which is today Jabra Elite 45h, we will find a usb-c cable, a cover and a user manual. The advantage is of course the case itself, which is made of soft material and is roomy enough to accommodate headphones and additional cables.

Making headphones

The headphones seem really microscopic on the first contact. They remind me of the size of the headphones that used to be in every computer science room in elementary school. It is worth saying, however, that it was made very carefully while maintaining good quality materials. Most of the elements were made of plastic, which made it possible to create extremely light headphones. The most sensitive parts that are subjected to daily stress, such as the position for adjusting the height of the headband, are already made of aluminum. I do not know about the headband itself, because it is covered with plastic on the outside, but it is very likely that there is an aluminum reinforcement inside.

The headphones are equipped with 40 mm diaphragms, which, according to the manufacturer, are the largest in the class – it is difficult to argue with this, because I have not encountered other such headphones. The transducers are covered with earmuffs made of synthetic leather, which is extremely pleasant to the touch. The same material is also found on the headband, making the headphones extremely comfortable to use.

The right handset has all the physical keys that are used to control all the elements of the headphones. The first is the switches that are used to turn on the headphones and to turn on the pairing function via bluetooth. Next to it, right next to the usb-c connector, there is also a led that will inform us about the pairing status and the battery charge status. On the upper part of the right side there are three keys that are used to adjust the volume, as well as to stop / resume and change the song – a convenient solution that makes it much easier to control the music. The last key is used to quickly launch the head assistant.

The sound quality is an undisputed mastery!

My first contact with renowned Jabras was quite rough. Initially, I couldn’t convince myself of them, because their design did not fill me with optimism or the conviction that they were really good equipment. The first listening session changed my opinion about this model very quickly. Well, I even think that I haven’t had such good and clean-sounding headphones for a long time. And this is a fairly “budget” model from Jabra, and yet the manufacturer did a pretty good job. All thanks to the above-mentioned 40 mm drivers that do the job here.

The sound that comes out of these membranes is – you could say – exemplary. It’s hard to say anything bad about this sound, however, because it fits perfectly with what I want my perfect headphones to sound like. These are music that I can put on in the morning, listen to music and focus on work, thus ignoring the elements that could disturb my sound – it does not occur here, everything is as I would like it to be.

In the sound that comes out of the speakers, you can find a kind of “harmony” and “balance”, which makes all sounds sound very natural and just as the creator of the song you are listening to would wish for. We will experience here both beautifully exposed high parts of the piece, as well as guitar solos, as well as strong “hits” of the drums in the form of a juicy bass, or colloquially called bass.

Sound + application

The manufacturer has not forgotten about its application, which is available for mobile devices with iOS and Android. The support of this application also by the reviewed Jabra Elite 45h is a big plus, because the application adds a number of possibilities that we, as users, will surely appreciate. The first is, of course, the possibility of updating our headphones by the manufacturer.

The application also offers several predefined sound profiles, so that we will be able to adjust the sound of the headphones to a given song or simply to our liking – of course, the manufacturer has not forgotten to add an equalizer, also when it comes to adjusting the sound, no one should have a problem with adjusting it to each other. My favorite addition, offered by the Sound + application, are “relaxing” sounds in the form of sounds of nature, birds and the like – a nice flavor for people who like this type of attraction.


Comfortable, light, long-lasting on a single charge (up to 50h), and sounding great – this is how you can sum up the Jabra Elite 45h, which is close to being one of the best headphones I have had contact with. To full happiness it was not – at least for me – a little better holding on to my ears, because they were often able to “slip” off my ears. Of course, this is due to the fact that the membranes do not cover the entire ear. Apart from this dissonance, the headphones in the further part are a well-thought-out, fully useful product that I can highly recommend to anyone who is looking for mobile headphones that will not differ in quality from much larger over-ear headphones.

Jabra Elite 45h review – compact on-ear headphones with great sound and long life on a single charge!