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Jabra Evolve2 30 wireless headphones review


Jabra Evolve2 30 wireless headphones review

INin times of widespread teleconferencing and remote work, good headphones are essential. There are many headphone models on the market from a variety of manufacturers, and the price range can be overwhelming. However, not all of them are professional headphones designed for heavy use and long hours of talk time. For almost a year, I had the opportunity to test headphones from the Danish Jabra company. After the high-end Evolve2 85 models, the reviews of which you can find here, it’s time to share your impressions about the budget Jabra Evolve2 30 headphones.

First impression

Anyone who has had more expensive Jabra headphones in their hands, such as the Evolve2 85 or Evolve2 85, will be a bit surprised. The Evolve2 30 is a very budget model and it can be seen from the very beginning. The headphones are packed in a cardboard bag, not a sturdy box. There is also no need to look for a solid hard case in the set. It has been replaced with a soft cloth cover that provides only basic protection for the headphones. There are also no additional accessories. These are not needed, because the Evolve2 30 headphones work only in wired technology. They are connected to the computer with a cable with a USB-A plug. The cable itself is 140 cm long, which is enough to keep your movements free.

What about the headphones themselves? Here’s some good news. Both materials and workmanship are typical for Jabra, or at the highest level, just like in the more expensive models. The plastic housing and earcups are of excellent quality, and the sliders made of stainless steel guarantee that the whole thing will serve us for a long time, even with intensive use. The headphones are light, weighing only 125g. After all, they were designed specifically with the office environment in mind. Considering that people will spend long hours in them, weight reduction is very important. After all, no one likes to carry heavy loads on their heads.

Comfort of use

In terms of the comfort of use, the headphones deserve almost nothing but positives. As already mentioned, they are light and sit well on the head. The ergonomics of the control buttons are exemplary and their functions are logical. Perhaps the only downside to the headset is the imitation leather-covered foam ear cushions – half an hour of use is enough to sweat your ears. It’s not a nice feeling, and you have to take your headphones off every now and then to cool off. Anyway, this problem also applies to other Jabra business headphones. On a positive note, the ear cushions are soft and do not tire the ear even after several hours of using the headphones.

The design of the headband is well thought out. The headphones can be fitted to virtually any head. The inside of the headband is lined with a sponge covered with the same material as the earpieces. It is slightly rough. On the one hand, this is an advantage because the headband does not slip on the hair. On the other hand, headphones require more frequent maintenance, and the rough material attracts dirt. If someone uses a gel or hairspray, the inside of the headband will have to be cleaned on average once a week. Fortunately, artificial leather is easy to maintain. To remove dirt, all you need is a damp cloth for glasses or a cotton swab with soap and water.

Sound quality

When it comes to typical office applications, the headphones sound perfect. Although they are not equipped with ANC, thick cushions dampen the sounds of the environment quite well, but let them through enough not to lose contact with what is happening around and to hear, for example, when someone calls us.

Despite the fact that it is a headset intended for office work, the Evolve2 30 provides a very pleasant experience while listening to music. Great sound quality is achieved thanks to 28 mm drivers and a well-tuned sound signature. The balanced soundscape produces great-sounding vocals, and with dance music, these headphones do a great job. Heavy bass sounds a bit worse, because the emission of low frequencies is only at a satisfactory level. The optional Jabra Direct software, which you can download on your computer, has a built-in equalizer that allows you to adjust the sound to your liking.

The quality of the microphone

The Evolve2 30 headphones have two boom microphones. The noise reduction system is responsible for good voice quality. The whole thing copes well with typical office noises such as the clatter of the keyboard or conversations in the background.

Support for Microsoft Teams and other connections

The headphones are certified for Microsoft Teams, which means that they have several hardware functions dedicated to this platform. The device is automatically selected for audio input and output when Teams starts; and the button on the right earcup allows you to answer / end calls or open platform notifications. Also on the right ear cup are media playback buttons, a volume switch and a mute / unmute button.

The headphones are also equipped with an LED that informs about events in different colors. And so: turns purple when the headphones are ready to use with Teams. The same color flashes when a meeting to attend is started, or there is a missed call or voicemail message. The LED flashes green when you need to answer an incoming call – useful when you are not wearing headphones. Probably the most important color of the LED is red – this indicates to colleagues or other people around you that the user is in the conversation and should not be disturbed at this point.


There is no doubt that the Jabra Evolve2 30 are great headphones that will work in any office. The excellent quality of the reproduced and recorded sound and the hardware support of Microsoft Teams will ensure comfortable participation in teleconferences. Thanks to the USB-A connector, the headphones can be easily connected to virtually any computer. Thanks to good quality speakers, the Jabra Evolve2 30 will also work well after working hours, for listening to music or playing games.

There is only one caveat to this headset – the unfortunate choice of material covering the ear cushions. Unfortunately, the ears are sweating in these headphones, which may cause slight discomfort.

It does not change the fact that the Jabra Evolve2 30 headphones present fantastic value for money. If someone needs solid professional headphones, for a very reasonable price, the Evolve2 30 will be a great choice.

Jabra Evolve2 30 wireless headphones review

Advantages Defects
  • solid but light
  • excellent sound quality
  • hardware support for Microsoft Teams
  • reasonable price
  • ear cushions will sweat your ears