It seems that most video game development companies are finding a huge vein of sales (and why not, cheap) in re-releasing games that were truly spectacular in their time. Of course Rockstar Games is not letting go of the “retro” era as far as videogames are concerned.

We have the fantastic news to give you, news that will also cover all platforms, something difficult to achieve today. And is that LA Noire will hit most video game platforms next November, and something tells us that you are not going to want to miss it.

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– Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) September 7, 2017

The game officially arrived on our consoles no less than six years ago. In depending on which areas this should not say much, but we are talking about video games, and six years is not exactly short. For this reason, Rockstar Games has decided to adapt the video game to current platforms allowing us to enjoy the story again. To announce it they have not wanted too much paraphernalia, in fact it has been a simple message on their official Twitter account that is running like foam, definitely LA Noire is about to arrive, and it will coincide with many titles that we are waiting for, so it will touch to scratch the pocket.

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The video game will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the most powerful versions of these consoles will be able to broadcast it in 4K. The little Nintendo Switch will also welcome this game, although we do not know exactly how it will get along with the graphics, at least on Switch, we must say that in the other editions they have commented on it. In short, they have not wanted to talk about prices, but we imagine that it will range between 30 and 39 euros and preferably in digital formats.


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