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Make yourself a SmartHome control center from your iPad!

Make yourself a SmartHome control center from your iPad!

Smart Home Control Center – iPad.

P.have you experienced “switchboards” in houses equipped with a smart home? Such solutions often cost thousands of dollars. Today I have a similar solution for you that will cost you minimum money and minimum effort! Welcome!

I have always liked solutions that involve us in making something, not just our wallets. Today I am coming to you with something like this! What exactly do we want to achieve?

Something like the picture. We are to be able to control the whole house from one place, without taking out the phone or other devices – only our management “center”.

What do we need?


In fact, there is no greater philosophy here. You are choosing the center of your home. The one in which all household members, you, guests or family are staying – most often it will be a living room or the so-called Big room. If your cable is not long, choose a place close to the socket. We need to degrease the wall at the place where the patches are installed, wiping it with alcohol, which will get rid of impurities and allow the glue to “catch” well. We install patches and stick to them an iPad case in which we will insert our device – unless you prefer a more extreme option, i.e. sticking to a bare iPad – but we do not recommend it. We insert the device after waiting the time recommended by the manufacturer on the packaging and boom! Ready. Now all that’s left is to plug in the power.

If you do not want to mess on your walls, but still care about the “control center” – you can get a similar effect by buying a special case that will allow you to put your iPad on a dresser or other cabinet. It may be a bit less effective, but it costs much less work.

Yes btw … Does the second option remind you a bit of the solution known from Google? Take a look at the Google Home Hub (recently Google Nest Hub) below and see if it looks similar.

Installing the app!

For everything to make sense, we need to install applications that allow us to operate our devices. Depending on the ecosystem you choose, it will be an application:

Then you have to configure all your devices. But I’m betting if you’re interested in the control center, you’ve got it all done, so we’ll skip this part.

What are the benefits of this?

Unlike very expensive switchboards, you can run Spotify, YouTube, Netflix – and if you get bored, just take out your iPad and go on vacation with it. I believe that this is a much better solution than spending thousands on special systems that may then turn out to be unsupported etc. Here we will be provided with updates for a really long time, and the solution itself looks really nice and fits into many surroundings. In addition, the applications are translated into Polish, which will make it easier for the elderly or children to use them.

If you don’t mind using English, you can also use the “Hey Siri” option and turn on the lights with your voice without getting up from the couch – face friends? Priceless.

If you are looking for something new for your home and you do not want to spend a fortune right now – I recommend installing such a “home” control center. Nice solution that each of us can do (as long as you have an iPad ?).

Make yourself a SmartHome control center from your iPad!