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Manage customer relationships even better


Manage customer relationships even better

CAS Software AG presents the new product and offer configurator “CAS Configurator Merlin Sales” as an additional module for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution CAS Genesis World. The module consists of a configurator, which has been used and further developed in large companies for decades, and a component with which individual offers are generated.

According to the manufacturer, the solution is aimed at medium-sized providers of complex or varied products from the construction industry, plant and tool construction and many other industries. “With CAS Configurator Merlin Sales we offer a complete system of customer management, configuration and preparation of offers. For the first time, professional configuration is affordable for medium-sized companies, ”explains Martin Hubschneider, CEO of CAS Software AG.

The time savings in configuration and the preparation of offers are enormous. Customers immediately received offers in the company’s design. There would be no waiting times for days as well as any careless mistakes in products or discounts. CAS Configurator Merlin Sales users can switch between the independent technology and offer perspectives. The technical configuration lists product variants and parameters. The commercial offer links these with prices and discounts. Since product and offer variables are managed separately from one another, users can adjust prices without affecting technical aspects.

This means that all customer data is stored centrally in the connected CRM system: For each customer there is a customer file with contact details, telephone notes, e-mails, appointments, offers, tasks and so on. At the push of a button, data can be opened and processed. In addition, up-selling can be made even more successful by evaluating the data.