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Manolo Lama escapes live, we will have FIFA World Cup 2018

Manolo Lama escapes live, we will have FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA, despite what new-school gamers may believe, is a game that had its real reason at the World Cup. However, the need to update the templates as well as the love of users for their clubs have made its annual edition as well as the FIFA Ultimate Team.

The reality is that none of us doubted the launch of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia edition by Electronic Arts, however, What we did not know is that Manolo Lama, popular presenter and commentator of the editions for almost twenty years, was going to escape so early.

In the interview we can see how Manu Carreño begins to dismiss the representative of Electronic Arts in Spain after having done the classic publicity interview about the news, it is the moment when Manu escapes the question about whether there will be a FIFA World Edition, and while Manolo Lama does not take a moment to comment that in December he will begin recording the comments for their subsequent launch during the month of February, the EA representative literally throws his hands on his head (forgetting that he was really on the radio but there are cameras) and tries to weather the matter as best he can.

It’s not really that dramatic, we all know perfectly well that EA is definitely going to launch the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia edition, but we imagine that the last thing EA wants is for it to start talking about that game and affect the sales of FIFA 18, which we really doubt. Definitely, the news is fully confirmed, thank you very much to Manolo Lama for his informationHowever, we recommend that you change the FIFA 18 comment catalog.