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Marketing controlling is only used to a limited extent

Marketing controlling is only used to a limited extent

Currently, only half of the companies in Germany measure the success of marketing measures. This emerges from the study “Marketing Controlling – A Questionable Investment?”, For which the strategy and management consultancy 2 hm Associates GmbH asked more than 110 people responsible for sales and marketing management.

“The off-the-peg marketing controlling concept does not exist. Therefore, only a minority of companies have the courage to systematically and sustainably measure and control marketing, ”says Iris van der Heiden, Senior Consultant at 2 hm. However, evaluations of the employing companies showed that marketing controlling is worthwhile. For example, 20 percent measure, analyze and link targeted success drivers in the marketing mix and at the interface to sales. In contrast, 32 percent of companies would rather measure individual campaigns or use data that they have from marketing activities, such as online marketing key figures or response elements from mailings. The overall satisfaction with the controls hardly differs from that of the companies that do not use marketing controlling at all.

The reasons for the limited use of marketing controlling are technical, organizational and time-related aspects as well as a lack of know-how. In general, more than 70 percent of the managers of marketing controlling expect to be able to ensure the effectiveness of the marketing measures and 61 percent to be able to check the degree of target achievement of the marketing planning. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that controlling accompanies the entire marketing process and not just success measurements are carried out at the end of a campaign. The future challenge for successful and cost-efficient marketing controlling would therefore be to create concepts between holistic 360-degree approaches and cost-intensive special analyzes.