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Mega Man Mobile 1-6 from Capcom on January 5

Mega Man Mobile 1-6 from Capcom on January 5

From January 5, 2017, the series of the iconic platformer Mega Man 1-6 Mobile from Capcom will be available for download on smartphones.

Capcom announced the release of several games two weeks ago on mobile devices with Android and IOS systems. Now we know that the first series of all six classic 8-bit titles for the Mega Man platform game will be released on January 5, 2017. People who want to be notified that a game is available on the App Store and Google Play can sign up for a dedicated website.

Pre-registration applies to the Mega Man mobile game and you must enter your e-mail address and name (you do not have to enter your real name) – when the game is available in stores you will be notified by e-mail and receive several “special offers”. No details have been revealed, what will the offer be about?

It’s worth noting, however, that Capcom will only release the Mega Man game in Japanese app stores to start, and no details have been given as to if and when the game will be released in other countries. Of course, you can set up a Japanese account in stores to download the game to your device in Poland. It is quite possible that the game will also appear in other countries right after its Japanese premiere.

Watch the video teaser of the game:

The following are official descriptions of all Mega Man Parts 1-6 that have been made available by Capcom:

So far, the company has not mentioned whether the remastered game for mobile devices will be free. Additional functionalities and modes are also not disclosed. We will find out everything in the first week of January next year!

Is MM2 the best game in the series? Play Mega Man 1 – 6 on iOS and Android devices and decide for yourself. – https://t.co/hC7xlyMiHW pic.twitter.com/fw6wThsvFq

– Capcom Mobile (@CapcomMobile) December 29, 2016

source: Capcom via Android Authority