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MEMEAWARDS brings together advertisers, memeiros and reelers

MEMEAWARDS brings together advertisers, memeiros and reelers

Company partners with JK Iguatemi 4DX cinema to promote news

Aiming to associate the exclusive Ambilight technology to a brand that also offers a differentiated experience to its viewers, the Philips opens the Philips Ambilight 4DX Room. The company sought a partnership with the network Cinepolis, the fourth largest cinema operator in the world and the largest in Latin America.

“The idea is to show that Ambilight offers the best possible experience at home, so we went looking for a partner with the same principles. The 4DX room offers unique features to the viewer, and that’s exactly what Ambilight does: it goes beyond the physical limits of the screen”, says Camila Padua, marketing and communication manager at TP Vision Brasil (Philips Televisiones).

Responsible for theaters that offer the very latest in world cinema in terms of comfort and technology, Cinépolis recently received two important awards: the chain was the big winner of the 9th edition of the Oscar of Cinema Salas of Guia Enjoy yourself newspaper “O Estado de S. Paulo”, in March of this year; and in December 2012 he received the ED Award, promoted by the São Paulo State Exhibition Companies Union.

sala4DX has interactive effects such as wind, water, smells, moving seats and special lights, all synchronized with the actions displayed on the screen. These features completely transform the movie theater and increase viewers’ immersion in the movie. Philips TVs with Ambilight also have this effect. The technology, which expands the light and colors of the TV, conveys a feeling of a larger screen, creating the so-called “cinema effect” at home.

“We were looking for a partner that was in line with our commitment to offering the best technologies and quality to viewers. In addition, we thought of a partnership in which we could carry out promotional actions and activations, in order to bring these differentials to our consumers”, says Paulo Pereira, marketing manager for Cinépolis in Brazil.

The Philips Ambilight Sala 4DX project was created by the agency mood, which found in Cinépolis an efficient communication platform to generate broad knowledge, promote experimentation and relationship with the trade for Ambilight technology.

“Philips Ambilight Sala 4DX is an evolution of Mood’s work for the brand’s television category, which began in 2012. This project not only highlights Ambilight technology, but makes it tangible. We transformed the concept into a real experience, which puts the public in contact with the brand and reinforces the consumer’s desire: image quality and screen size”, says Augusto Cruz Neto, partner and president of Mood.

The 2013 portfolio of Philips TVs is in line with Ambilight’s dissemination strategy: of the 9 series of the new line, 4 will have exclusive Philips technology. The highlight is the 8000 series, a top-of-the-line model that has Ambilight on three sides of the device.

See how the technology works:

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