According to Microsoft, the Xbox 360’s share of the profits generated by next-gen consoles is forty-two percent. And that’s possible because 17.7 million Xbox 360 owners worldwide have purchased an average of seven games. Xbox Live Gold, accessories and additional controllers also count. But if things are going so well, why a price drop in Europe now?

“We had to reach and surpass key milestones . We had to get to let a level of momentum that we’ve now achieved, We’ve worked our way to a 17.7 million units worldwide installed base – and Europe is a critical geography within that figure. The ability to continually drive cost through the console is what has allowed us to open up the price of the system now.”

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Europe is certainly an important continent for Microsoft as it is the only other market where gamers mainly buy western games. The Xbox 360 has sold twice as many in America as in Europe and that is likely to worry the giant. In Europe, the Playstation 3 is well on its way to overtake the 360, while at home in America this is not the case. Japan has ignored the 360 ​​anyway, so Europe is the most important market for Microsoft at the moment.


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