More details have been revealed about the flight simulator coming this year.

  • All airports in the world will be included in Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Of these, 37,000 were created manually

Never before has there been such an ambitious creation in the genre of flight simulators as the Microsoft Flight Simulator coming this year, which not only promises to be very spectacular and lifelike, but they really tried to reproduce our world in it as best as possible. For example, with the inclusion of all airports in the world, according to a recently published developer log.

This includes not only large international airports, but also smaller grassy or gravel runways, 37,000 of which were created entirely manually by the developers. Plus, there will even be airport staff who will do their job diligently, bringing the landing sites to life.

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In the video below we can see some examples of these, and it is worth taking a look just because the first location is none other than Szombathely.

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