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Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo

Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo

Microsoft’s new offensive by Yahoo. This is confirmed by the latest information published in The Wall Street Journal, which encrypts the possible offer of the Redmond company at “several billion dollars“and that it would allow him to buy one of his old lenses.

Europa Press echoes the information that appeared in the US media and that re-uncovers a story that Microsoft has been trying to make a reality for almost four years. Around this time, the computer giant launched a Hostile $ 47.5 billion takeover on Yahoo (more than 34,000 million euros). However, the operation was not carried out and today the value of the one that was once the leader in online searches seems to be left to be wanted for an ostensibly lower price. The figures that are being considered now for this operation would be around the 20,000 and 22,000 million of dollars.

According to these latest information, Microsoft would be accompanied by up to nine venture capital funds, including Silver Lake, which has already collaborated in the sale of Skype to Microsoft a few months ago for a value of $ 8.5 billion and that a year and a half earlier he had already bought the IP voice calling service from eBay for 5,000 million dollars. The Canadian civil servants’ pension fund would also participate in the purchase of Yahoo.

Microsoft’s goal is none other than add users to Google, which continues to be the undisputed leader, since it seems that its search engine, Bing, has not managed to be the great alternative that the company expected. It should also be noted that Yahoo is not what it used to be globally, although in the United States it maintains a market share that is higher than in other regions.

Latest Microsoft financial results

On the other hand, we have known the economic results of Microsoft’s entertainment division in the last quarter, corresponding to the months of last summer. The company can congratulate itself on having increased its sales by 12% compared to 2010, which makes it close to the $ 2 billion. However, the decline in sales of its game console Xbox 360 (7% less) has made the company not achieve profits in this period.

Likewise, it should be noted that with regard to the online business unit -which includes the portal MSN Internet and to the seeker Bing-, the losses reached 494 million dollars, which is the lowest loss in the last two years and that stops the constant losses with Bing, which since it was launched in 2009 has left negative figures of 5,000 on the way. millions of dollars.