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Miitomo: Nintendo’s Revolutionary Mobile Game Debuts Soon

Miitomo: Nintendo’s Revolutionary Mobile Game Debuts Soon

The Japanese company Nintendo shows that it is very serious about the approach it wants to give to its business by focusing largely on mobile games and announces more details of Miitomo release date, news that begin this month in Europe. This application aims to be Nintendo’s new vein by mixing the communication of a social network with the entertainment of video games through its personal label.

We have known Nintendo’s plans for a long time regarding the market for titles for smartphones and tablets and the truth is that we more or less like this new facet of the company, the anticipation of the event that the launch of Miitomo, the first game of its kind, begins to be overwhelming. According to our colleagues from Mobile Zone, finally the date chosen by the big N to kick off this app has been the February 17, 2016, a day when users in the UK and Ireland will be the first to start pre-register in this hybrid of video game and social network with our avatar created in the Nintendo Network ID account. Subsequently, the registry will gradually open to new countries until its final launch a few weeks later.

And it is that to begin to interact with other users from all over the planet we will have to wait a little more since launch plans are still set for March Without at the moment a specific date is officially known with certainty. As avatars we can use Mii people that have been created by users for the occasion with a huge variety to choose the one that best suits our style.

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For now as we say, this first step of Nintendo on mobile phones will have more of a network or social club than a game, although it surely serves to lay the foundations of the new platform oriented to this market. It will also come hand in hand with the new platform My Nintendo, the new reward system that will reward user loyalty and that seems to pick up the witness of the disappeared Club Nintendo.

After the launch of Miitomo, other titles such as Pokemon Go or a new title for mobile of which it has only been reported that it will have as its protagonist “a recognized character.” It is still too early to say if we will be before him. debut of the mythical Mario on mobile phones, but in the future it is more than foreseeable that the large franchises will be adapted with titles for this class of devices.

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