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Mobile devices determine the future trends


Mobile devices determine the future trends

Changes in information and communication behavior in the digital world are once again shown by the Allensbacher computer and technology analysis. According to “Acta 2010”, 81 percent of Germans use the Internet, and 59 percent per day. 44 percent are online longer than an hour per day of use. The number of people with mobile internet access has increased significantly: from 15 percent in 2009 to 22 percent today. This increase is largely based on the increased acceptance of internet-enabled cell phones and smartphones.

The group of now well over five million cell phone and smartphone users who make use of internet services with these devices was examined more closely. Their motivation for mobile Internet access is to receive the latest news from politics and business, as well as weather forecasts and traffic information, including travel and flight plan information, and to research them in reference works. Participation in social networks ranks directly behind in importance. 48 percent of them have already downloaded mobile apps, the majority of which were free offers.

The proportion of community members has again increased significantly in all age groups. In 2009 it was 23 percent; it is currently 31 percent. Around two thirds of 14 to 19 year olds belong to a social network on the World Wide Web, and 60 percent of 20 to 29 year olds. This proportion decreases with increasing age. Facebook continued to grow strongly among the providers at a high level, only the Myspace portal lost members.

Despite the intensive use of the Internet, according to the Allensbacher study, it is still television that is viewed by the population as the most important source of information for current events – 74 percent are of this opinion. A little less than half of those surveyed consider newspapers to be the most important information medium, 35 percent the radio and 34 percent the Internet. While the traditional media of television, print and radio have lost their importance compared to the previous year, the importance of the Internet alone has improved. asc