K.able Apple sucks. I don’t remember how many generations of iPhones ago I stopped taking them out of the box after buying the phone. Probably when the poor-quality insulation broke at the exit, when I needed the cable the most. Since then, I have been investing only in solid third-party cables, which of course have received the Apple MFI certificate.

MOMAX Elite Link is a cable that meets the expectations of probably every user. At least the one who considers reliability and safety as the most important features of the cable. Elite Link for 1 meter cable. Not too short, but also not too long. Perfect one could say for everyday use by the bed or a laptop.

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Someone could say now – why do I need a meter of cable next to the laptop from which I charge the phone? The point is that the aforementioned meter is the length that can be used, and thanks to a clever magnetic clip, we can wrap part of the cable and fasten it with a clip so that it does not wander on the table unnecessarily.

Coming back, however, to the cable itself. Aluminum tips, metal plugs, gold-plated contacts, large cross-section copper “cores” guaranteeing safe charging of up to 2.4A and a polyester braid guarantee that we will be able to use this cable successfully longer than the telephone with which we will charge with this cable his batteries. Of course, the cable is MFI-certified by Apple, which also means that it meets all stringent safety standards. By choosing this cable, we can be sure that it will not lead to a failure of our smartphone or tablet.

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At the end, I was left with this special accessory. It’s hard for me to name him. Because it is not a typical “clip” or cable organizer. This is something much more practical, although of course it is suitable for connecting the cable thanks to the magnets that hold and tighten the cable.

However, let’s call it “paperclip” has other functions as well. It can be, for example, a great and convenient stand for watching videos on our phone ?

The cable costs PLN 89. You can buy it, for example, in the FORCETOP store

MOMAX Elite LINK review – a solid and practical cable with a stand and an iPhone clamp


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