Virtual mobile operator Mobile Vikings is celebrating its 8th birthday and is giving away endless monthly top-ups for free!

Another year has passed by Mobile Vikings – the largest independent operator on the market, i.e. not belonging to any of the four major mobile networks. Despite the announcement of the imminent retraction of the sails after take-off, the net not only remains afloat, but is gaining momentum. On the occasion of the 8th birthday, the Vikings have prepared a competition for current and future users.

Mobile Vikings officially entered the Polish market December 4, 2013. The operator operating on the Play infrastructure offers pre-paid services – from this year also mobile internet. Vikings position themselves as a social network that puts freedom and building a sincere, relaxed relationship with its users. Their business model involves reinvesting earnings back into the development of the network to ensure high-quality services while avoiding expensive advertising campaigns.

The main driving force behind Mobile Vikings is its fee-reducing referral program, but as an alternative operator, they were also the first to bring other innovations to the market: subscription top-up model, free accumulation of unused transfer and the ability to register a friend on the network (and the confirmation of his identity required for this purpose) via the application.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the Vikings boast about their results – the newly crossed threshold 85,000 active SIM cards (a year ago, there were 60,000 of them on board) and other unusual curiosities related to the network.

As part of the celebration of the birthday, Mobile Vikings announces a competition in which a special prize is up for grabs – vouchers for infinite monthly top-ups in the network for 8 people, which will answer the competition question in the most creative way consistent with the brand’s values. This means that the winners of the competition will be able to use the basic package of services for free, which includes, among others, unlimited domestic calls, SMS and MMS and 25 GB accumulation. And they will do it indefinitely. The author of the most interesting application will additionally receive a voucher worth PLN 2,000 for the purchase of electronic equipment.

The competition will last until December 15, 2021. How long will Mobile Vikings last? The horizon in front of the operator seems clear, and the Vikings themselves do not even think about folding the sails.

source: Mobile Vikings


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