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More details about GeForce GT21x series

More details about GeForce GT21x series

In addition to renaming and downsizing existing video cards, new cards from NVIDIA are also coming this year. Maps based on the GT214 and GT218, for example, of which more unofficial information has surfaced over the past week.

The naming of the cards is somewhat unclear: the GT214 is said to be a performance card and in terms of performance it is slightly below the GT212, which is also to be released, which is referred to as high-end. The GT218 would belong to the lower segment as the successor to the 8400GS.

Very little is known about the GT214. In terms of specifications, it is only known that a maximum of DirectX 10 is supported and the card would have a consumption of about 100 Watts. Since the rest of the chips in the series are made at 40nm, it is likely that this is also the case with the GT214. The card should be released in the third quarter.

The GT218 would be a card with 32 stream processors, with the 40nm chip with a 64-bit bus connected to 512 MB GDDR3 memory. The consumption would be around 30 Watts. Following rumors this card would appear as early as April.

Information about a GT216 was already spotted in December: 40nm, 168 stream processors, a 192-bit bus and 768 MB GDDR3 memory. A few posts ago we read that there will also be a GT210, which is in fact a GeForce 9400 made at 40nm.