The moto z3 play smartphone is quite a nice device with all the necessary functions and at an affordable price.

The moto z3 play continues the legacy of the moto z family by adding a new generation edge-to-edge screen to its sophisticated design. It also offers artificial intelligence used, among others, by the system of two cameras with the depth sensing function and intelligent, contextual data processing functions. This high-quality and class smartphone is distinguished by an affordable price, and at the same time offers not only the most important functions, but also extends the possibilities of mobile devices thanks to moto mods.

More possibilities with moto mods

Mobility is not limited to the phone. That’s why moto zi moto mods (1.) overcome the limitations of ordinary smartphones and allow you to add new functionalities in no time. The modular technology turns moto z3 play into a variety of devices that allow users to pursue their passions. This way you can print Polaroid® photos from your phone in seconds, project the 70 ” image from the projector anywhere, or ask your personal assistant for music, news, answers to questions and more. In short, the moto z devices can do more than any other smartphone. We also care about the compatibility of modules with different versions of smartphones, so all your favorite moto mods will work with the new moto z3 play.

Maximum visibility, minimum frames

The moto z3 play smartphone was created with the users in mind. Its solid construction is made of Corning Gorilla Glass and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. You can see more on the display, and you do not have to scroll so often, because while maintaining the same dimensions of the device as in the previous generation, the screen is 13% larger and contains more pixels per inch. The 6 ” edge-to-edge screen with Full HD Super AMOLED resolution and 18: 9 aspect ratio allows you to comfortably display your favorite series or blogs. With the optimal use of the screen space in mind, the fingerprint reader has been moved to the side of the device, but the one-button navigation function is still available on the bottom bar with gesture control.

Smart cameras

The 12MP and 5MP dual camera used for the first time in a moto z play can take brilliant, sharp photos even on cloudy days and indoors. The new camera functions use artificial intelligence for creative play – cinemagraphs, for example. Google Lens ™ (3.) built into the moto z3 play camera enhances the image with the ability to search for items, copy and translate text4, and learn more about points of interest.

Cinemagraphs is an ingenious way to add variety to your photography – in this mode you can capture the moment in a freeze frame of the video while leaving part of the image animated. This creates an unusual combination of video and photo. You can also take great selfies with your phone – just select Portrait mode and the enhanced 8MP moto z3 play front camera does the rest.

Performance tailored to your needs

moto z3 play is ready for the challenges of everyday life: it has a 30% faster Snapdragon 636 processor and an extended battery life – on one charge and with the Moto Power Pack module, the phone can work up to 40 hours (2nd). For fans of Alexa (5th) voice assistant, moto z3 play provides great access to this service. Thanks to four microphones and natural language processing at low power, it can be used even in sleep mode. Voice commands are further optimized to increase the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of phone control.

Moto improvements

moto z3 play has all the intuitive Moto Enhancements, including Moto6 Display and Moto Gesture Actions. With them, you can easily access useful phone functions at the right time. At night, the Moto Display automatically gives the screen a warmer hue to help you fall asleep. Do you want to take a picture quickly? Just twist your wrist to turn on the camera. Not enough light? The flashlight can be turned on with a simple wave of the hand. You can take a quick screenshot by tapping the display with three fingers.

Well-chosen sets

Thanks to the moto z3 play + moto mod sets, it is even easier to adapt your smartphone to your own requirements. The sets cover a wide variety of needs: from energy to entertainment on the go.

Availability and prices

moto z3 play will be available with Moto Power Pack as moto z3 play Power Edition in Europe from this summer.

Reservations: fFeatures and specifications vary by mobile operator and are subject to change without notice or obligation. Certain features, functionality, and product specifications may be network dependent and subject to additional terms, conditions, and charges. Before purchasing, read the detailed information about the product offered by a given mobile operator.

  1. Moto Mods are sold separately.
  2. All battery life data is approximate and based on an average mixed usage profile including operating and standby modes under optimal network conditions. Actual battery life will vary and depends on many factors including signal strength, network and device settings, temperature, battery condition, and usage patterns.
  3. Google Lens currently works in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Chinese, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Filipino, Turkish. More languages ​​may be added in the future.
  4. The text scanner supports text recognition in the following languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian.
  5. Amazon Alexa is available in some markets, including in the USA, Germany and Great Britain. Not all Amazon Alexa features available on the Amazon Echo device may be supported.
  6. Moto Display functionality depends on the application you are using.

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