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Mr Torgue’s Campain of Carnage DLC review


Mr Torgue’s Campain of Carnage DLC review

LET ME PLAY YOU AN AWESOME GUITAR SOLO ON MY FIRE STRAT. EXPLOSION! The newly released DLC for Borderlands 2 starts off funny, but with the truth: Mr. Torgue is completely off track and wants you in his awesome tournament.

This tournament is being held because a new vault has been found. Legend has it that when the blood of cowards is spilled by the ‘biggest badass’ on Pandora, the vault will slowly but surely open. mr. Torgue sees this as an invitation to a tournament to find out who exactly that ‘biggest badass’ is. And who would be better suited for that than you, the one and only vault hunter?


Of course we are not the faintest so we travel to The Badass Crater of Badassitude, where we are briefly but hilariously informed about the state of affairs. But before we can start we need a sponsor. You should not forget that everything has to generate money, so the tournament has to believe in it too. Everywhere you will find hilarious commercials for all kinds of stuff from Torgue (the weapons manufacturer). Also Mr. Torgue himself regularly yells through the intercom (read: screams) with INFOMERCIALS set up by himself.

Change of food..

What is immediately noticeable is that this DLC does a lot more than the previous one, Captain Scarlet and her Pirate’s Booty. Where you used to walk around in the desert looking for enemies, you can’t beat them here. Annoying? New! It’s a nice change and Mr Torgue’s one-liners also make the case incredibly hilarious. Of course there are still the ‘find that person’ and ‘find this item’ missions, but they don’t feel repetitive this time around thanks to fun new environments and hilarious nonsense. Even if you’re in a vehicle, the game won’t leave you alone by sending funny bikers towards you that are even harder to hit than you think. Delicious ‘on the edge of your seat’ action!

Arenas, loot and collectibles

In addition to these already familiar missions for the seasoned Borderlands player, the brand new DLC also throws Arena battles into the mix of awesomeness. These are harder than expected, as the enemies really come from all sides. There are also separate racing arenas and real objective arenas. Something for everyone! Of course there are also new collectibles and weapons. These will not be inferior to what you were already used to in the base game. In addition, spicy shots of Moxxi, the well-known barmaid who will also play a major role in this story. This is ideal for players who have already passed level 50 and are still looking for the best loot and weapons, as the enemies here are of a high level and the bosses drop very thick items.


The question that is of course at the front of every DLC review (“is it worth the price?”), can now be answered with a resounding “yes”. You pay 10 euros for a hilarious roller coaster ride that – depending on your skill level – lasts eight to ten. In addition, you get new enemies, big loot, repeatable arena battles and of course Mr. Torgue itself. So let’s close in style: GET YOURSELF SKYDIVING OUT OF A ROCKET SHIP WHILE DRINKING A SIX-PACK OF ENERGY DRINKS AND PLAYING A SWEET GUITAR SOLO ON A FENDER STRAT AND GET YOURSELF THIS DLC!