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Netflix quarterly balance sheet: Streaming pioneer rises to $ 100 billion colossus

Netflix quarterly balance sheet: Streaming pioneer rises to $ 100 billion colossus

The Hollywood-style dream run continues: Netflix was able to pulverize Wall Street’s expectations again. After a record growth of 8.3 million new subscribers between October and December, the streaming video pioneer now has 117.6 million paying customers.

The “monster Netflix” continues to bite: the hyperbolic growth story of the US streaming provider of series and films, which started out as a distributor of DVDs in the late 1990s, has gained further momentum in the past three months.

In the fourth quarter of the past financial year, the Internet pioneer founded by Reed Hastings 20 years ago was able to look forward to 8.3 million new subscribers. That’s the biggest gain Netflix has ever seen in a quarter. As of the end of December, Netflix already had 117.6 million paying customers.

Netflix has over 8 million new customers

Almost 2 million new viewers were gained in the American home market and 6.36 million in the rest of the world. Netflix was able to easily surpass Wall Street estimates, which had totaled 6.3 million new customers, with almost ********.

And the boom continues: In the current quarter, CEO Reed Hastings expects 6.35 million new customers – significantly more than expected by Wall Street, which had only assumed 5.2 million new subscribers. The sales outlook of $ 3.68 billion is also well above the consensus estimate of $ 3.3 billion.

Stock shoots to new all-time highs

In dollars and cents, Netflix’s business in the fourth quarter of 2017 performed broadly as Wall Street expected. At $ 3.29 billion, the proceeds hit almost exactly the analysts ‘estimates, which had been $ 3.28 billion, while earnings per share of 41 cents per share were just as high as the analysts’ forecasts.

Compared to the same period in the previous year, profits almost tripled from 67 to 186 million dollars. Investors rewarded the quarterly figures with further price premiums: Netflix shares, which had rushed from all-time high to all-time high again this year and had been up 19 percent since the beginning of the year before the quarterly figures were announced, are picking up again after the balance sheet was presented.

Netflix market cap hits $ 100 billion for first time as shares surge more than 9% in extended trade https://t.co/6czkOmbZBb pic.twitter.com/ha2oUGxASh

– CNBC (@CNBC) January 22, 2018

Netflix shares jump another 9 percent after the close of trading, marking a new record high at $ 248. At the same time, the streaming pioneer has achieved a new milestone in terms of market capitalization: Netflix broke the threshold of 100 billion dollars for the first time and is now the second most valuable media group in the world after Disney (market value: 167 billion dollars).