Did You Know: The Dragon Prince | Season 2 of Netflix animation gets release date?

Netflix is ​​a worldwide phenomenon with many millions of viewers in different parts of the world.

Now there is fresh news about The Dragon Prince | Season 2 of Netflix animation already has a release date that will certainly interest addicts of Netflix news.

Did You Know: The Dragon Prince | Season 2 of Netflix animation gets release date?

Netflix reached 125 million users, 119 million of whom pay for the service. Revenues obtained outside the US almost caught up with domestic ones. The forecast is that this “mix” will change soon.

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The Dragon Prince | 2nd season of Netflix animation gets release date

During the Anime Los Angeles, event that takes place this weekend in the United States, Netflix released the release date of the 2nd season of The Dragon Prince.

The new episodes of the program will reach the streaming service on February 15th. In conjunction with the release date, Netflix released a new poster for the series. see below.

In the plot, dragons, elves, warriors, battles between kingdoms and the search for peace in the bloody region of Xadia. The story will show two princes who team up with an elf assassin, who initially intended to kill them, to try to bring peace between Xadia and the realm of humans.

The Dragon Prince was created by screenwriter Aaron Ehasz from Avatar: The Legend of Aang. Season 1 is now available on Netflix.

As of February 2015, Netflix had produced over 70 original content. Among them are series (such as House of Cards or Orange is the New Black) and documentaries (such as The Square and Virunga). The company is continually working on more original content. They recently partnered with actor Brad Pitt to direct a film.

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Note: This release will only occur in certain markets and availability dates may differ between them.


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