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New DLC Fable II Images Revealed


New DLC Fable II Images Revealed

In a few days, on January 13, the long-awaited downloadable content for Fable II, which bears the name Knothole Island, will finally be released. As a foretaste, we have the first screenshots for you here.

Fable 2 builds on the success formula of the first part. This one had quite a few disappointments, but Fable 2 promises to make up for it all. The storyline is quite similar to the original. You’re a little kid again when your family is kidnapped. Then you grow up and want to save them, but in the process you end up in a much bigger plot. You will have to save the world and of course that doesn’t just happen.

Fable 2 will be the same classic RPG as the first part again. The choice between good and bad is again central, your actions will have consequences for the rest of the game. This time you can also choose to play with a woman instead of a man. In addition, it is again possible to buy houses, shops, castles and even the whole of Albion. And the option to get married and have a good bat is still there.

Fable 2 has now been released for the Xbox 360.