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New DMV Presidium at the start

New DMV Presidium at the start

At an extraordinary general meeting on November 6, 2010 in Dortmund, the representatives of the German marketing clubs elected a new presidium. As President of the German Marketing Association (DMV), Karl Georg Musiol (MC Nürnberg) is now at the helm.

Gabriele Eick (department association management, MC Frankfurt) and Götz Th. Friederich (finance, MC Potsdam) were elected as vice-presidents. Further board members are Prof. Dr. Bettina Fischer (Science / Innovation, MC Mainz-Wiesbaden), Dr. Peter Manshausen (member support and acquisition, MC Köln / Bonn), Thomas Szabo (juniors, MC Dortmund) and Michael Vagedes (public relations, MC Hamburg).

For the first time, the board members were directly elected by the general assembly for their respective departments, so that the presidium can start its work immediately. Hans-Joachim Adler, Gerd Bise, Prof. Dr. Franz-Rudolf Esch, Dr. Jens Gutsche, Raimund Petersen, Marc Rosenfeld and Stephan Swinka, who were thanked by the general meeting.

The German Marketing Association is the professional association of marketing management and the umbrella organization of the 66 marketing clubs in Germany and Austria. It represents the interests of nearly 14,000 executives and marketing-oriented companies. Founded in 1956, the association now ensures the spread of marketing awareness in business and society and sees itself as an institution for practical training and know-how transfer.