NRecently, the new “Only at Apple” appeared on the Apple website … What is it?

As you can guess from the title – the new Anker product is a charger and powerbank for MacBook and iPhone!

The charger has been equipped with Power Delivery technology and a power of 30W. We were given a choice of two colors – pure white and classic black. In my opinion, this is a good step, because Apple has recently been selling dark accessories for its computers, and thus – we can match the charger to the set we already have.

When it comes to the powerbank function – here it is a bit worse … We get a cell with a capacity of 5000 mAh. What does it mean? I’m already translating. We can charge our iPhone several times, no matter which model we have. In the case of the MacBook it looks a bit different, because using the Pro version – we can charge it only once, because the MacBook pro battery has a capacity of 4777 mAh. The device was priced at $ 99.95, which in PLN gives us 382 zlotys. Is it worth it? I leave the judgment to you. For more information, please refer to the Apple website.

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New in the Apple Store! PD charger with power bank.


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