Netflix introduces the “TOP 10” feature, which is to help us find the most popular titles watched by other users on the site.

Netflix is ​​trying to make it easier for subscribers to follow what people all over the country are watching by introducing a new list of the Top 10 titles on the home page.

In a blog post published today, we read that the list TOP 10 will be updated daily with the most popular titles in the subscriber’s country, and the line entries will also change based on how relevant the programs and movies on the list are to the user’s taste. Netflix also notes that subscribers can learn even more about trends by clicking on the tabs of individual movies and TV series for lists of the top 10 for each category.

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Netflix first began experimenting with its top 10 list last year in the UK and Mexico.

Late last year, Netflix released a list of its most popular movies and series, and with the exception of Incredibles 2 (Disney Pixar), every title on the US list was an original Netflix production.

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The first Top 10 lists are available to Netflix subscribers starting today and will look different from other traditional lines of content on the home page of the streaming service to make it more distinctive.

Note: This is an example of the Top 10 List:

The TOP 10 badge on Netflix movie and series icons

The shows and movies that make up these lists will also have a special badge TOP 10 no matter where they appear on Netflix. This way, you can easily see what’s in the lead, whether you are browsing by genre, in a personal list, or when searching for specific series and movies in the search engine!

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The new feature may appear successively for subsequent users – if you do not see the TOP 10 rankings on your Netflix account yet, be patient – it will definitely appear soon!

source: The Verge via Netflix Media Center


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