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New Philips Hue products and innovations combine light, color and sound

New Philips Hue products and innovations combine light, color and sound

Philips Hue introduces four gradient lamps, white Filament bulbs, smart bulbs with even more power, and new bathroom and ceiling lamps.

In addition to new products, the ability to fully integrate light and music with songs played on Spotify has been added to the Philips Hue application. Last year’s premiere of Philips Hue Play gradient LED strips was just the beginning – now Philips Hue is expanding its gradient collection with a completely new series of products – Play gradient LED tubes. Equipped with technology combining many colors of light in one lamp or luminaire, they are specially designed for installation above or below the TV.

The Hue Play gradient LED tube perfectly complements your home theater system. The products are available in two sizes, in white or black, to match any interior.

Gradient technology has also found application in other popular Philips Hue products – improved Philips Hue Signe gradient floor and table lamps, available in black and white, and in gradient LED strip. In addition to the high flexibility and brightness offered by the standard Philips Hue LED strip, the new one allows you to mix different colors of light.

The first full integration of lighting and music

Integration of Philips Hue and Spotify systems it made it possible to combine light and music, changing the face of home entertainment. After syncing your Philips Hue and Spotify accounts, the Philips Hue app retrieves the metadata of each song played via Spotify, no matter what device the music is playing on. He then creates an advanced lighting script that makes the lights respond not only to the beat of the song, but also to the genre and mood. On the new Sync tab in the Philips Hue app, users can adjust the brightness, intensity and even change the color palette to customize this innovative solution to their liking. Whether it’s relaxing on the couch on a lazy evening, meeting friends or standard housework – now, to the beat of your favorite songs, you will experience music like never before.

The integration of Philips Hue and Spotify systems will be gradually made available to Philips Hue users from September 1, 2021 as part of the Early Access program. From October 2021, the feature will be a permanent part of the Hue app.

A larger (and brighter) collection of smart bulbs

All Philips Hue LEDs from the Filament collection They are now also available in a White Ambiance version, which allows you to use any shade of white light – from warm to cold. Smart retro LEDs illuminate the room with a blue shade when the household wants to focus on work or fades and turns golden in color in the evening, creating a cozy atmosphere conducive to relaxation. What’s more, their original appearance is also impressive when they are turned off. The Filament line will also be extended by Candle-shaped light bulb (C37).

Moreover, known Philips Hue smart LEDs White ambiance and White and color ambiance are now available in 1100 and 1600 lumens. Thanks to this, users can choose the perfect level of brightness for the activity or selected part of the house.

New Philips Hue ceiling lamps

The new line of Philips Hue ceiling lights will brighten up living rooms or bedrooms with millions of colors. Philips Hue Surimu light panel, available in a rectangular and square version, almost adheres to the ceiling, thus optically enlarging the space in smaller rooms or apartments with low ceilings. Philips Hue Enrave ceiling lamp, available in black and white, emits white light with a color from warm to cold – to illuminate the living room, bedroom or kitchen. The lamp is also available as a hanging option with the light beam directed downwards. This option will work in the dining room or above the kitchen island, while casting a subtle, decorative glow upwards. Later this year, it will also appear Philips Hue Infuse ceiling lampwhich emits both white and colored light creating delicate reflections on the ceiling.

Philips Hue bathroom lamps

Smart lighting in the bathroom gives you energy every morning and helps you relax in the evening. Install the first bathroom lamp to create your dream atmosphere with the first dedicated Philips Hue lamp Philips Hue Xamento recessed spotlights, with a minimalist, chrome design to enjoy millions of colors. in addition Philips Hue Devere ceiling lamp offers a combination of strong white light (from warm to cold) while allowing the creation of an indirect light effect.

Additionally, this year, the offer of bathroom lamps will be extended by Philips Hue Xamento ceiling lampwhich allows you to use both white and colored light.

New software updates with unique lighting effects

From September 1, they will also be in the recently refreshed Philips Hue application dynamic scenes. Instead of emitting light in a single color as before, the lamps in the room or zone will gradually and gently move through the different colors of the selected scene, creating a unique atmosphere.

In addition, Signify is announcing another new feature that will be added to the Hue Scene Gallery in the fall of 2021. With specially designed 24-hour scenes, the lamps will change color and brightness according to the daily cycle. Lighting will mimic natural light by following the movement of the sun – going from natural to warm – improving work efficiency and overall well-being. Changes in lighting will be adaptable to your individual daily routine, starting with bright, cool light that gives you energy, and ending the day with a warmer golden glow that helps you relax.

In turn, avid gamers will be pleased with the upcoming update of the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box software (autumn 2021). Users will be able to update their Sync Box to connect to the latest 120Hz consoles. The highest refresh rate will give players an unbeatable advantage. Sync Box supports 120Hz at 1080p and 1440p resolutions. If, on the other hand, the highest image resolution is preferred, the current Sync Box model supports 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Availability and prices

source: Philips Hue