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Niantic says there is a secret in Pokémon Go that no one has discovered yet

Niantic says there is a secret in Pokémon Go that no one has discovered yet

Pokémon Go continues to endure as one of the most played mobile games, and the one that generates the most benefits. In recent weeks the game has been adding various new features to keep players playing the game, such as Daily rewards that accumulate if you catch Pokémon daily.

To celebrate Halloween, the created ones made a special event where they appeared a Ghost-type Pokémon like Ghastly or Zubat. In the event, the rewards were also multiplied. This event came with an update, which is generating a lot of buzz lately, due to a statement from John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, the company behind Pokémon Go.

Secret that no one has discovered yet

Hanke has revealed information that no one knew until now. In an interview that was taking place with the GamesRadar medium about the mysteries of Pokémon Go, Hanke said: ‘There will always be secrets in the game that nobody will find because we are always adding new secrets to the game in the various updates. In fact, right now there is one in the game that nobody knows, and we’ll see if anyone is able to find out in the next few weeks. ‘

One of the most common ways to discover the secrets behind each update that is released for the game, as well as lines of code that have been added, is to unpack the game archive and analyze the code for changes and content added to the game. . Thanks to this system, it was discovered that soon the game could receive an update that would add 100 extra Pokémon to the game (that is, the second generation).

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It can be Ditto, or connectivity with 3DS games

GamesRadar asked Hanke in which update the secret had been added to the game, specifically asking if it had been added in the Halloween update, to which Hanke said nothing and said that he was not going to give a single more clue. The secret could be, among others, that they had added to Ditto, a Pokémon that has not yet appeared to anyone in the game since it was released last July.

Another secret, related to ‘the next few weeks’, is that it is rumored that Pokémon can be transferred between Pokémon Go and the new Pokémon Sun and Moon, which would follow the path that Nintendo has to connect both games under the same universe. This rumor came to light through a Pokémon Go reference in the leaked ROM code for 3DS of the new Pokémon games, that specified as a source of origin, among the various regions of the game, Pokémon Go.

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