As of today, the DSi is in the shops and so Nintendo has released a list of games that can be downloaded in the new DS Shop. These games will make use of the new features of the DSi with the biggest difference of course being the camera.

  • WarioWare: Snapped! † In this game, the player has to put his body in front of the camera, to play various mini-games. Speed ​​is very important here. There is also a photo book of Wario.
  • Bird & Beans – With an electric tongue, players have to get hold of beans. The harder it is to grab a bean, the more points there are to earn.
  • Brain Age Express: Math – Mathematics is central to this Brain Age game and it contains both well-known and new exercises. In addition, a new Themes mode lets DSi gamers experiment with graphics and sound recordings in fun, unusual ways.
  • Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face – In this game, the DSi becomes an object in a card trick. Draw a face on the screen and amaze your audience by predicting which card they have chosen.
  • Art Style: AQUIA – The latest edition in the Art Style series lets players solve underwater puzzles to show divers the way to the bottom. This is done with colored blocks.

In addition, Nintendo has a promotion. If you visit the DS Store before October 5, you’ll get 1000 points to spend on products in that same DS Shop. It is not yet clear whether this promotion also applies to Europe.

The Nintendo DSi is available today. You can expect a review of this new DS soon.


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