After years of waiting, Nintendo announces its partnership with DeNA to develop games for smartphones

Some of us believed that this news would never come, but finally it seems that Nintendo has given its arm to twist and will start developing games specifically for mobile devices. The announcement was made yesterday and marks the entry of one of the industry’s oldest title creators into the world of mobile game development.

As we have learned, it will not be Nintendo directly who will be in charge of developing future games for smartphones and tablets, but it will be DeNA, a major Japanese company focused on creating games and apps for mobile devices. The agreement will allow to include all the current sagas and characters of Nintendo In future applications, great news for all the followers of this now legendary company.

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Additionally, rather than just porting existing games from their platforms, the union of Nintendo and DeNA will result in games designed exclusively for mobile devices, thus ensuring a quality that we hope is in accordance with what the Japanese company has accustomed us to. As part of the agreement, both companies have agreed to buy a percentage of the shares of the other, in this way Nintendo will own 10% of DeNA and this will have 1.24% of Nintendo shares.

But not only are great sagas such as Super Mario, Mario Kart or Zelda expected for mobile devices, but the company has also announced a new multi-platform online service that will allow users to play the same title on smartphones, tablets, PCs and Nintendo consoles.

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Nintendo has also announced a multi-platform online service to play the same title on mobile phones, PC and console.

At the moment there are still many important details to know, because Nintendo has not confirmed any operating system, although it is expected that at least iOS and Android launch will be included. We also do not know the possible prices that future titles could have, although taking into account the general trend of the market, it is very possible that the company also embraces the much discussed “freemium” model.

As reported in Appleinsider, without a doubt this supposes a great growth opportunity for Nintendo, a company that has been seriously affected in recent years by the popularization of apps and the increasingly marked trend of using mobile devices as the main gaming platform.

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What do you think of the news? Are you followers of the Nintendo sagas?


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