Of course, when companies develop something new, they don’t want another company walking away with the idea in front of them, so these things are patented very early in the development process. Nintendo has now filed a series of no fewer than thirty new patents with the Japanese patent office.

These patents would concern products for or around the Nintendo DS. For example, DSiMovie, DSNavi, DSArcade and DSLife have been registered, presumably extensions with which you can, for example, watch movies and use navigation software on your Nintendo DS(i).

More interesting, however, is the patent application for the DSPhone. So it seems that Nintendo wants to combine its successful handheld with telephone calls. How this will go is not yet clear. Perhaps it will be an extension that can be clicked into the Nintendo DS, but it can also be a separate device. This wouldn’t be a bad idea, as the PlayStation Phone has also been in the news a number of times, although Sony has debunked its existence. Perhaps we can tell you more about this concept in the coming months.


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