With the approaching end of 2007 in sight, Nintendo is already focusing on 2008. Here they have published a huge release list for the Wii and DS, with it being revealed this morning that Mario Kart Wii, for example, will only be released in the second quarter of 2008.

The list will run until spring of the new year, with both first- and third-party titles listed. A few games have also been given a more definitive release date.


January 2008
* PDC World Championship Darts 2008 (Oxygen Games), January 11
* Wii Chess (Nintendo), January 18
* Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure (Capcom / Nintendo), January 18
* Donkey Kong Jet Race (Nintendo), January 25
* Hamster Heroes (Data Design Interactive)
* Kawasaki Jet Ski (Data Design Interactive)
* Kidz Sports: International Football (Data Design Interactive)
* Urban Extreme (Data Design Interactive)
* Nights: Journey of Dreams (SEGA)
* Ghost Squad (SEGA)
* Last Ninja (System 3)

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February 2008
* Battalion Wars 2 (Nintendo), February 15
* No More Heroes (Rising Star Games), February 29
* Call For Heroes: Pompolic Wars (Data Design Interactive)
* EARACHE Extreme Metal Racing (Data Design Interactive)
* Bleach (SEGA)
* Kawasaki Snow Mobiles (Data Design Interactive)
* London Taxi: Rush Hour (Data Design Interactive)
* Pool Party (South Peak Games)
* Destroy All Humans 3: Big Willy Unleashed (THQ)
* Spongebob: Atlantis Square Pantis (THQ)

March 2008
* ATV Thunder Ridge Riders & Monster Trucks (ZOO Digital Publishing), March 7
* The Wizard of Oz (ZOO Digital Publishing), March 7
* Naruto Wii (tentative title) (TOMY/Nintendo), March 28
* Bomberman Land Wii (Rising Star Games)
* SEGA Superstars Tennis (SEGA)
* Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (SEGA)
* MX vs ATV Untamed (THQ)

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Q1 / Q2 2008
* Harvest Moon Magical Melody (Rising Star Games/Nintendo)
* Worms: A Space Oddity (THQ), Q1 2008
* PES 2008 (Konami), Q1 2008
* Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo), Q2 2008

Spring 2008
* Dancing stage HOTTEST PARTY (Konami)
* Iron Man (SEGA)

Nintendo DS

January 2008
* Advance Wars: Dark Conflict (Nintendo), January 25
* Betty Boop (ZOO Digital Publishing), January 25

February 2008
* Garfield Gets Real (ZOO Digital Publishing), February 1
* Professor Kageyama’s Maths Training (tentative title) (Nintendo), February 8
* NATURE NINJA Destiny (TOMY / Nintendo), February 15
* 8Ball Allstars (Oxygen Games), February 15
* Powershot Pinball Constructor (Oxygen Games), February 15
* Harvest Fishing (Rising Star Games), February 15
* Bleach (SEGA)
* Spongebob: Atlantis Square Pantis (THQ)

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March 2008
* Command and Destroy (ZOO Digital Publishing), March 7
* Magic Taizen (tentative title) (Nintendo), March 14
* Ace Attorney Apollo Justice (Capcom/Nintendo)
* Bomberman Land Touch 2 (Rising Star Games)
* Dungeon Explorer (Rising Star Games)
* SEGA Superstars Tennis (SEGA)
* MZ vs ATV Untamed (THQ)

Q1 2008
* DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: Joker (Square Enix)
* Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings (Square Enix)
* Crayola: Treasure Adventures (Ignition)
* George Of The Jungle (Ignition)
*Teenage Zombies (Ignition)
* Iron Man (SEGA)
* Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams (Empire Interactive)
* Code Lyoco 2 (Game Factory / KE Media)
* Zoo Hospital (Majesco/Eidos)
* Nancy Drew (Majesco/Eidos)
* Holly Hobbie (Majesco/Eidos)
* Fish Tycoon (Majesco/Eidos)

Spring 2008
* Hannah Montana – Music Jam (Disney Interactive Studios)


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