Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has ruled out a price cut for the Nintendo Wii. Of course, this was the expectation of many people, since the Nintendo Wii is still selling very strongly and Nintendo is having a hard time keeping up with the demand. And if you do manage to sell your consoles for 249 euros, why would you lower the price?

    “We’re still focusing on how to meet booming demand,” Iwata said Friday. “We’re absolutely not considering a price cut.”

Nintendo currently produces about 1.8 million Nintendo Wiis a month and while that is still more than enough, shortages are expected again during the Christmas season. Partly for this reason, the console has not yet been released in China, because one cannot yet have the question of the 1.4 billion Chinese at the moment. However, it will be next year. We are curious how much the Wii will sell.

    “We barely have enough Wiis to meet global demand this year. But next year, we can bring the Wii to China,” Iwata said.

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