As the days go by, we continue to learn new details and opinions about the new Nintendo console, whose premiere is scheduled for next March. Recently we were able to read the impressions of one of the top managers of Ubisoft and, more recently, those of the president of Sony, who has described the Nintendo Switch as a unique system.

However, we still did not know the reasons that led the Big N to name the console, which was previously nicknamed NX, in this way. Fortunately, the company has resolved the doubt in a statement to Nintendo Dream magazine that Siliconera has collected. According to the Japanese publication, the name “Switch” obeys two meanings of the word: the first one, “change” in Spanish, which would refer to the duality of the machine, capable of transforming itself between a desktop console and a laptop.

Second, the word would be interpreted as “switch”, precisely the one that will activate this new and revolutionary form of entertainment according to Nintendo. Although the company has not yet confirmed it, an internal source cited by Let’sPlayVideoGames has assured that Nintendo Switch will offer better processing capacity in games when it is at its base. Therefore, the console would be less efficient in its portable mode based on this information.


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