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Nokia’s first tablet (N1) is a copy of Apple’s iPad Mini

Nokia’s first tablet (N1) is a copy of Apple’s iPad Mini

Nokia enters the tablet market with the N1, an Android device too much like the iPad Mini

A few days ago, Nokia launched the N1, the company’s first tablet in its entire history. Although the company is somewhat late to the market – especially now that the sector seems to be saturated – it is always exciting to see what is the proposal of a company with as much name and history as Nokia. Unfortunately, our expectations have completely vanished when we have seen that the Nokia N1 is a copy of Apple’s iPad Mini.

Many times I have defended my position not to call “copy” when it comes to technology products, but there are certain occasions when it is impossible not to call things by name. The Nokia N1 is a 7.9-inch tablet with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution. At the moment, exactly the same as the iPad Mini.

But we are not going to be picky, that would not be a problem if the guys at Nokia had not paid so much attention to the iPad Mini when conceiving their device. The Nokia N1 also incorporates an aluminum body – okay, no problem – with the same layout and shape of the buttons, the same position and design of the speakers, and with a camera exactly identical to that of the iPad Mini.

In fact, the new Nokia tablet could perfectly pass for an iPad Mini if ​​we see it from the back. Of course, we do not find iOS inside the N1 (it would only be missing), although surprisingly we do not find Windows Phone either. Nokia, and of course Microsoft, have opted for incorporate Android 5.0, although we cannot help but think that it was a fantastic opportunity to show that Windows Phone is a perfectly valid OS for tablets of this type.


The Nokia N1 will hit the Chinese market in the first quarter of 2015 for the equivalent of $ 249

Nokia and Microsoft have created this new tablet especially with the needs of the Chinese market in mind. In fact, they have decided to announce the availability date in China first before in the rest of the markets, which will arrive during the first quarter of 2015 at a price of $ 249.

As we see in iClarified, it would be very curious to play the game of 7 differences between the Nokia N1 and the iPad Mini, although we imagine that Apple should not be too happy. If you want to know another case of “copy” curious, do not miss the latest from Samsung.