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Noodles! the app of the week in the App Store

Noodles! the app of the week in the App Store

Noodles puzzle game! for iOS, which normally costs around 2 euros, is now available for free as part of the Free App of The Week.

This week’s iOS app of the week is the puzzle game Noodles! In addition to the promotion, the application costs about 2 euros, and now you can download it for the first time for free on your iPhone or iPad as part of the Free App of The Week section of the App Store. The promotion will be valid until this Thursday.

The game Noodles! Which is a combination of a puzzle and a logic game is extremely addictive and the rules are very simple. It is enough to connect all the pieces of the puzzle together to make them a closed system. It is worth imagining the figures as single pipes through which the water must flow and it’s ready 🙂 Each subsequent level is getting more and more difficult and you will certainly not be bored. When you lose your patience, it is worth to rest, because the game is a great arch trainer of our gray cells.

Minimalist design and a calm soundtrack will allow you to relax while solving the puzzle.

In the description of the game we read that you just need to touch to properly rotate and connect all the noodles, and although the figures with each level resemble more complicated pipe installations than tangled pasta, you have to head for 5 stars.

See an example gameplay in the video below:

Noodles game! iOS has over a thousand addictive puzzles and the best part is that all levels are unlocked so you can move straight to the next level. There are no additional purchases in the app – just you and the puzzles – perfect for the upcoming fall evenings!

You can download the game for free from the App Store by clicking on the button below:

source: Lummox Labs