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Not all is good news in the next update of the Google Play Store

Not all is good news in the next update of the Google Play Store

The only official tool to access the Google application store, the Google Play Store app, is in continuous development, improving not only its operation but also adding or eliminating options, regardless of whether users like them or not. Currently the version of the Google Play Store available in most Android terminals is 8.3x, but version 8.4 will soon arrive in the form of an update.

Google Play Store in version 8.4, will offer us access to audiobooks, one of the sections most demanded by many users. It will also add a new application and game notification system in addition to changing the download process for large applications, so we can run out of data fee in a couple of days.

Downloading using a Wifi connection disappears completely

As the guys from Android Police have been able to verify, the new version of the Google Play Store completely eliminates the option that allowed us to choose if we want to download a large application through our data rate or if we want to wait to be connected to one Wifi connection, most recommended option si plan to download a large application or game.

Currently, Google Play Store also allows us to set how we want the applications to be downloaded where the majority of users have the option established so that they are carried out when we are connected to a Wi-Fi network. But this option will also disappear in the next version of the Google app store. Another bad news for all those users who keep an eye on their low data rate.

System apps will update automatically

To try to compensate for the previous section, Google will add a new function that will allow us to limit automatic updates to system applications, so that the rest of the applications that are not part of the system are updated when we want, a process that we will obviously carry out. how much we are connected to a Wifi network. Google wants all devices to be protected against any security problem that may affect Android devices and the best measure to do so is automatic system updates.

Game and app notifications

This type of notifications has nothing to do with the development of the game or the process that an application is carrying out, but is one more tool that Android offers so that developers can send messages to users, such as invite them to the beta program of their application or game, report any security problem… The problem is that some developers can begin to abuse these types of notifications and turn them into a nightmare for users, something that Google must take into account.

Audiobook Store

In 2012, Android Market was renamed the Google Play Store, a change that added books, music, and movies under one roof. Shortly after, television shows and magazines were added. Now it’s the turn of the audiobooks. The next version of Google Play Store will offer us a store of audiobooks classified by categories and that it will be found in the Books section.

Download APK from Google Play Store v.8.4

The APK is signed by Google and updates the application that we currently have installed on our devices. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. If you want to try it before anyone else, then we leave you the link to download it.