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Oath is the new name of Yahoo and AOL

Oath is the new name of Yahoo and AOL

Verizon, the new owner of Yahoo and AOL, renames them “Oath,” which loosely translates to “oath.”

Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo was quite complicated. Due to data security issues, Yahoo took a heavy toll – and the company struggled for a long time – even when Verizon announced its intention to buy the company.

Part of the lost value is in the Yahoo brand itself, which Verizon apparently considers toxic at the moment. Therefore, the new owner intends to change the name of the combined Yahoo and AOL companies to Oath.

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Service Business Insider unofficially was the first to announce the new name. Minutes later, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong confirmed this change in his Twitter post.

Billion + Consumers, 20+ Brands, Unstoppable Team. #TakeTheOath. Summer 2017. pic.twitter.com/tM3Ac1Wi36

– Tim Armstrong (@tim_armstrong) April 3, 2017

The purchase transaction is expected to close in the current quarter, meaning we will hear more about the future of the AOL and Yahoo brands soon. Transaction delays were associated with a massive security breach by Yahoo and a subsequent $ 350 million decline in transaction value.

The companies have not officially changed their names yet, but vigilant Internet users have already issued a quick and ruthless evaluation of the new brand.

source: Business Insider via Engadget